Highway Department

Hours of Operation are based on season

June to September
6:00AM to 4:30PM Monday thru Thursday

October to May
7:00AM to 3:30PM Monday thru Friday
Hours may be extended during winder due to “Alert Weather Status”

Joseph Giambrone
Deputy Superintendent
Billy Wesp
Machine Equipment Operator
Butch Kijek

Highway Contact Information:

PO Box 197
992 Brant-Farnham Road
Brant, New York 14027

Phone: 716-549-4770
Email:  Highway@brantny.com

Duties of Highway Department:

The office of Highway Superintendent is an elected position.  It comes with the duty of overseeing and supervising all aspects of Highway maintenance of Town roads not maintained by the state or county.  Roads owned and maintained by the Town of Brant are as follows:

  1. Morley Road
  2. Ellis Road
  3. Versailles Plank (From Rt. 249 to Reservation line)
  4. Hammond Road
  5. Surfside
  6. Maiden Lane
  7. Nordblum
  8. Part of Detroit
  9. Part of Railroad

Included in the plowing and salting are some county roads such as Milestrip, Mileblock, Hardpan, Old Lake Shore and Lotus Point.  These roads are maintained by the county but salted and plowed by the Town of Brant Highway Department.

A partial list of Highway Department responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Repair, maintenance and snow removal from all highways and bridges. (Only highways under two (2) rods wide).  There is no authority to maintain or repair private roads, nor plow roads not dedicated to the town, nor construct a driveway on private property.
  2. Loose stones.  Highway department must see that all lose stones are removed from highway at least three (3) times a year.
  3. Noxious weed removal.  Once a year.
  4. Detour and Dead-End signs
  5. Fallen Tree removal (from Town highways ONLY) Cost of such fallen tree removal shall be assessed against the property owner who did not remove the obstruction.  Superintendent must have a hearing and notify the property owner of the hearing.  The Town Clerk is notified of the amount of the assessment.
  6. Entry onto private property.  Superintendent may enter private property to protect highways and bridges to work on a ditch or drain for highway drainage, work on an embankment of a water stream in the town, or erect snow fences.  However, he must have the direction of the County Superintendent of highways and town board approval.
  7. Damages.  He shall agree with the landowner on any damages resulting from his entry on the land.  The Town Board MUST approve.
  8. Fence Removal.  Superintendent may remove fences where the highway will go if the landowner does not do so after sixty (60) days’ notice.

This is a short list of work conducted by the Highway Department.  A more complete list is available upon request at the Town Clerk’s office.

Tax Money used for the following:

  1. Repairs and improvements – not less than thirty dollars ($30.00) per mile of town highways outside villages.
  2. Repair and construction of bridges over 5 feet span three thousand dollars ($3,000.) maximum; then to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) with unanimous town board approval; then over that amount, approval by town voters.

Purchase and repair of machinery, equipment and tools.

Sale of Used Equipment:

When the Highway department sells used equipment at auction, the auction must be conducted with “Sealed bids” if it the item for sale is deemed to be valued over one thousand dollars.

Reporting Dangerous road conditions and Potholes:

If you wish to report dangerous road condition such as a downed tree or any other obstruction, please call the Town of Evans Police Dispatch at 716-549-3600 or 911.

If the condition is not dangerous, contact our highway department at 716-549-4770 or by email at Highway@brantny.com